Vehicle Remapping and Tuning

Services We Offer

  • Bespoke vehicle remapping in Manchester developed from your car, for your car.
  • A performance remap in Manchester which produces higher bhp and torque with an improvement to mpg.
  • A eco-blue remap produces large improvements to mpg.
  • A pereco remap which is a blend of the 2.
  • A dyno remap on our purpose built, 3000bhp, 4×4, Mustang rolling road. This service is undertaken at our premises in the Midlands.

Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee

All our bespoke remaps come with a lifetime warranty and guarantee

This means that if you have a problem with your vehicle as a result of our enhancements then we will put it right. This would be enforced up by our insurance backed guarantee, underwritten by our bank.

100,000 vehicles and counting and we haven’t had to use it once.

Remap Features and Benefits

A Performance Blue bespoke ECU remap won’t only increase power, torque and mpg, the remap also reduces the amount of harmful exhaust gases (known as co2) that your vehicle produces, helping our environment.

A bespoke remap will improve the drivability of your vehicle. By reducing or removing flat spots in the engine and creating more power lower down the rev range, a vehicle accelerates more progressively with a smoother movement enhancing the driving experience. This we call ‘drive-ability’.

Full details can be found on our Performance Remaps page.

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“Combined, we have 80 years of professional motor sport experience culminating in our vehicle ECU (Engine Control Unit) solutions. If you’re looking for a safe increase in the performance and power for your vehicle we can help you achieve this with a vehicle remap.”

  • Remap gains up to 40% increase in BHP
  • Remap gains up to 40% increase in Torque

As a bi-product of our remaps, your car will improve its fuel efficiency and produce lower CO2 emissions.

  • Remap gains up to 30% improvement in MPG
  • Remap reduces CO2 emissions
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Why not spread the cost of your remap?

Payl8r is a simple payment option that enables you to buy the goods and services you require now, and spread the cost over a time period to suit you!


Loan : £399
Deposit : £39.90

£123.29 / month

for 3 months
Total repayment £409.77

£63.44 / month

for 6 months
Total repayment £420.54

£33.52 / month

for 12 months
Total repayment £442.14


Is remapping and tuning the same?

Remapping works by altering the signal between the ECU programme and the fuel injection system and is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Is remapping bad for your engine?

There are some concerns that remapping an engine would cause problems with their vehicle but as long as you use reliable parts there should be no issues.

Is remapping a car worth it?

A Remap can increase both performance and economy in most types of cars. Even a car with a simple 1 litre engine can receive good power gains from a remap.

Can I remap my ECU myself?

The simple answer is yes you can do the remap yourself but we would recommend spending time to research the correct methods and tools that are required for the remap.