About Performance Blue

We are┬áthe North West’s leading vehicle ECU remapping specialist

Our experience and skill comes from a combined 50+ years in motorsport, and we’re still winning. We have built championship winning race vehicles, competed in top flight competitions around the globe and used this knowledge to produce thrilling, fast road vehicles.

On track we’ve built and competed in everything from a championship winning rally Ford Ka through to a pair of fire spitting Caterhams. On road, there’s no vehicle we haven’t tuned.

If you’re thinking of having your vehicle remapped then contact us for more details about what we can do and the likely improvements and gains you’ll see.

Meet the Team


Director and obsessive petrol head

Colin’s background comes from working in car dealerships. After spending years learning every position there is in the motor trade he decided to set up his own vehicle sales business, specialising in high performance vehicles.

This alone didn’t quite quench his thirst for power and speed so along with Rob he set up Performance Blue. The original idea was only to tune the vehicles which were available for sale, but given the size of the pairs contact books people from far and wide started asking for help remapping their vehicles, and so the small scale project became a full time occupation.

There are very few vehicles Colin hasn’t driven and tuned and if you’re looking for advice and inspiration on what to do next with your vehicle give Colin a call, he’ll be happy to chat and probably have a story or 2 for you.


Director and Racing Driver

RobRob’s background is all automotive too. His career started with the country’s largest aftermarket, high performance parts supplier based in mid-Wales. From here he went to work for the family automotive parts business, with 2 huge distribution hubs covering the North West.

After selling that business he worked freelance, building race vehicles from total chassis rebuild through to full engine rebuilds and complete restorations. This was for customers competing in top level motorsports around the world.

Throughout his life he’s competed and won major motorsport competitions and is currently competing in the CNC Heads Championship in his Caterham R400. If you’d like someone with the experience to drive your vehicle and tell you where the extra power can come from Rob’s your man.

In 2012 he set up Performance Blue with his long-standing best friend Colin and together they will bore your pants off talking nothing but tuning.