BMW Remaps

How do you pick a remapping company? Hard isn’t it…. You read the reviews, browse the websites, look on google…..but its hard to know who to trust with your expensive engine, gearbox and ECU.

Here at Performance Blue we invite all of our customers down to meet us and see the facility. Our master trained file writers are based on site and all of our tuning files are written in house by a team of experienced professionals. Our exceptional dyno cell is located on site and is state of the art allowing us to prove any gains we create when requested.

BMW build self-proclaimed ‘Ultimate Driving Machines’. We wouldn’t disagree and the work BMW have done to their engines excites us greatly. Turbochargers make for great power straight from the factory but our remaps take them to the next level. We tune both diesel and petrol BMW’s and the figures speak for themselves. Take a look on our table below to see the amazing power gains your vehicle will achieve. Most modern BMW’s are tunable through the OBD port removing the need to extract the ECU and allowing us to remap your BMW undetected.

Our team of technicians will extract the extra power you crave with a custom remap maximising the power and torque of your engine and gearbox producing the perfect torque curve.

Use our remap selector tool below to see the possible performance gains:

Speak to a member of the team or come down and meet us for full details of what can be achived.

Don’t just ‘torque’ about it, tune it!