Our tuners have completed over 100,000 vehicle remaps without failure, as such our feedback is second to none.

"Performance Blue remapped my Honda Civic and I was really impressed with the results. I took my car to a Honda dealer a few months later to check out a faulty sensor and they updated my ECU with the latest software without my knowledge, which then wiped the remap.

The power difference was massively noticeable when driving the car home. It made it feel like just a standard car again, I had completely forgotten what a difference the remap had made. Performance Blue have reinstalled the map and the car is back to how it was.

I can't believe how good the remap is and I don't think I'd have appreciated it if it wasn't for what happened and to have it re done for free is brilliant. Performance Blue couldn't be more helpful and I honestly don't think another company would be so eager to remap my car for free months after.

I'm so grateful, thanks again guys."

Paul March
2007 Honda Civic 2.2 CDTI

"Hi Colin, just a quick catch up. You’ve now mapped 12 cars for us this month and every single one has felt insanely more powerful. Mind you you’re costing me money, I had David who you mapped the BMW 520d for last year come in yesterday, when I asked him if he was ready to change his car he said no, it’s got all the power he needs and twice the economy of his last one so he’s keeping it another year, You owe me one. See you next week, I have 4 more cars booked in for you including another BMW 335i and Ford Focus ST given how good the last ones went."

Owner of Knightsbridge Cars
Barrow In Furness, Cumbria

"Hi Colin, Thanks for mapping the Bentley. You said it would make a difference but I wasn’t sure to be honest, it was a month ago today and I reckon I’ve saved over £200 on fuel as a result, and I know believe you when you say it’s Supersport power, it goes like a robbers dog. Cheers buddy."

Paul Hill
2004 Bentley Continental GT

"Hi Colin, just a quick note as promised to say thanks for all the remaps your doing for us. We’re now averaging 2 remaps per week with you and every single customer has been over the moon with the results. Keep up the good work"

Mark Brown
Owner of VAG Manchester (R&B Motors)

"Jacko, thanks for mapping the Aston... again. Loved having in on the dyno and can't believe the power it's made.. I'm impressed"

Sam Levy
2006 Aston Martin V8 Vanatage

"Hi Rob, Colin, I just wanted to say thanks for remapping my Polo GTI. My friend Simon who had his Golf GT remapped with you had been nagging me for ages to get it done. The way the car drives is so much smoother and nicer and as well as the extra power I’m now getting an extra 8mph. Everything with so easy and I’m made up with how you looked after me and explained everything. If I ever change my car again I’ll be straight back to you"

Val Perkins
2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Performance-Blue remapped by E90 BMW M3, the extra power was noticeable from much lower down in the rev range. The whole process only took a couple of hours and the guys were really friendly. I’ve now bought a Nissan GTR R35 and I’m getting that booked in with them next.

Adam Webber
2007 BMW M3

I had my Audi R8 mapped by Colin at Performance-Blue, I was sceptical at first as it’s such a high performance vehicle already but the results were instant and very impressive

Ryan Dignan
2007 Audi R8 4.2 V8