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DPF Deletion/Removal

DPF TuningDPF replacement is an expensive problem, hence delete software and tuning is to many people the only cost-effective, permanent solution. Performance Blue offer a full range of DPF removal, DPF delete, and DPF problem solving services at unbeatable prices.

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The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) or FAP (Filter A Particles) is a device designed to remove diesel particles or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. It traps the diesel particles (carbon deposits) in the system and once enough back pressure has been produced the vehicles ECU will carry out a “regeneration” cycle where these carbon particles are burnt and blown out of the system and through the exhaust.

Why remove the DPF?

The Diesel Particulate Filter is a legal requirement for a vehicle in the UK and removal of the DPF makes the vehicle only fit for off-road purposes. Please speak to a member of our team for more information and advice.

Whilst in theory the DPF system is a great idea, it only operates correctly and without fault in certain, specific conditions. Unfortunately most DPF systems get blocked and this causes the vehicle to fault and run in limp mode, often restricted to 30mpg and halving the mpg. It’s often the low mileage and short journey drivers that are hit hardest as the DPF system does not build enough back pressure to regenerate and clear the carbon particles. It’s worth noting though that it can happen to anyone!

DPF warning lights

DPF repair costs can be very expensive with some DPF systems costing over £3000.00 and the problem can occur as frequently as every 12 months. Our solution, which is becoming ever more popular is to remove the DPF and tune the vehicles to accept the amended values as correct – this is known as DPF removal or DPF deletion (even though we technically don’t delete the system from the ECU, but simply tell it the values it’s reading are correct). Many tuners who buy in files from the internet or are resellers are not aware this is what is referred to as a DPF ‘delete’ however we are experts in this field.

Can my DPF be removed?

Here is a sample of the vehicles where Diesel Particulate Filters or tdi DPF’s can be removed / deleted / revalued / remapped (depending on the terminology you want to use):

Alfa Romeo EDC16 – EDC17
Audi EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Audi dpf
BMW EDC16 – EDC17 – tdi dpf
Chevvy/Chevrolet EDC16 – EDC17 – dpt
Citroen EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x dpf
Fiat EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
Ford EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Ford tdi dpf
Honda EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Hyundai EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Jaguar EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Kia EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Lancia EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Mazda EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Mercedes EDC16 – EDC17
Mini EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Nissan EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
Opel EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
Peugeot EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
Renault EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi DCM3.x
SAAB EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Seat EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Skoda EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Suzuki EDC16 – tdi dpf
VAG EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Volvo EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
VW EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD (VW dpf)

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