Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Are your alloy wheels letting your car down?

With the poor quality of our roads and the amount of salt used during winter, alloy wheels are easily damaged.

Often people who are thinking of changing their car have their alloy wheels refurbished and then decide not to sell the car as it transforms the look and restored the love for the car.

We’re very fussy so unless we get your alloy wheels perfect then we just won’t bother at all.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

The 12 steps to the perfect alloy wheel refurbishment are detailed below, and we follow them every time with every vehicle, no exceptions.

  1. We remove your alloy wheels and place your vehicle on axle stands in our large, secure, indoor warehouse.
  2. Then we remove the tyres from the wheels ready for the alloy wheel refurbishment.
  3. We then clean your alloy wheels in our wheel bath, ensuring we remove all brake dust and debris. We also check for any leaks caused by dents to ensure your alloy wheels and safe and roadworthy.
  4. Then we repair any blemishes to the alloy wheels such as kerb marks, dents, scrapes, corrosion and road wear.
  5. We then spray the alloy wheels using genuine paint supplied from the manufacturer of your vehicle.
  6. You have the option to change the colour of the wheels for no additional costs.
  7. As the wheels are off you have the option to have the brake callipers painted any colour you choose, this can also really change the look of your vehicle.
  8. We then bake the wheels under our high intensity, ultra violet light to achieve the perfect finish.
  9. Once the alloy wheels have dried and look like brand new (we have exceptionally high standards with our finish) we reapply the tyres to the alloy wheels.
  10. We then balance and weight the wheels to ensure the vehicle drives perfectly and to ensure tyre wear is kept to a minimum.
  11. We then reapply the alloy wheels and tyres to the vehicle and tighten the wheels nuts (and locking wheel nut if applicable) to the manufacturers recommended torque rates.
  12. If the vehicle has a tyre pressure monitor type system then we reset this for you ready for you to drive home, alloy wheel refurbishment done!

How long does Alloy Refurbishment take?

In most cases alloy wheel refurbishment will take just 24 hours but in some rare cases we ask for the wheels for 48 hours.